Humanitarian Projects Notes

We would like to share a few highlights with you from our diverse Humanitarian project sites. Each sight has grown, keeps growing and calls to us for further growth and service.

VIDA Project

Geovas cosechando cropOur work in Mexico continues to grow, as any sustainable farming practice should! Our fundraising continues as we want to get as many of the families started with the nutrition counseling portion of the training in January. This knowledge is one of the most important tools we provide as a part of the program – it coaches the family in healthy eating habits which is the foundation to prevent dietary diseases.

News from Cameroon


The Community Center in Cameroon continues to flourish and take on a life of its own. Word is out that there is something happening in Khumbo and that the Himalayan Institute is the place to be…carpenters want to work there (their furniture already commands a high price), more people are getting treated at the Total Health Clinic and everyone in the area comes to the library to read!

Khajuraho Construction


Lets let the pictures from Khajuraho speak – this is already a massive undertaking in short order by Indian standards. Personnel from Honesdale are enroute to boost the efforts of the hardworking crew and put the finishing touches in place before the Kumba Mela (its not too late to sign up for the pilgrimage).

thumbnail-1Your interest, comments and ongoing support inspire us to find ways to bring our best intentions forward and into fruition in the developing world.
This is Yoga in Action!
Your generosity is needed in order to raise $19,000 to sponsor the remaining candidate families in the VIDA Project – each contribution of $50 supports one family.