VIDA’s Documentary Debut


The wait is over! We’re proud to share this video documentary of the VIDA project. The video tells the story about our target communities, introduces you to our VIDA management team and gives you a glimpse of some of the families that the project supports.

Enjoy and share this 10 minute, short documentary.

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This documentary makes a great addition to any kind of activist event you may plan in support of VIDA.  You can download the video by simply clicking here… SMALL SIZE (55 MB) or LARGE SIZE (250 MB).

One more important note: we’d like to thank our long time team members and friends, Virat and Kiran Xavier, for giving up some of their time while in Mexico in order to shoot the content for this documentary – Muchas Gracias!

We need your help

If you can, support VIDA with a donation and know it makes a huge difference! A donation of $50 sponsors a family of five through the VIDA program:

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