Fire Prevention: Electrician’s Course


Vocational Training to Prevent Electrical Fires

Today, more than half of the world’s population lives in cities and towns.  For those of us in the developing world, urban life is usually synonymous with crowded conditions and inadequate infrastructure.  A lot of progress has been made towards improving sanitation and checking the spread of infectious diseases, but another killer often goes unrestrained.  Domestic fires due to faulty electrical wiring devastate communities around the globe.  A December fire in a Calcutta hospital which killed 90 is only the most high profile of many fires now believed to be electrical.

To prevent these deadly fires the Himalayan Institute has developed a curriculum for an electrician’s course to be offered this July in Kumbo, Cameroon.  Steven Odnoha, the course instructor is an electrical and robotic engineer with 25 Years of professional training and experience.

Steve and his team of Cameroon electrical advisors have developed the course. Recently Steve shared with us…

The program is intended for both those with working experience as well people just entering the electrical field. The course will address the problems of ad-hoc electrical systems that arise in cramped neighborhoods across the developing world.

Trainees will learn some of the methods outlined by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) and AFNOR, a French national standard.

For the people of Kumbo, the new course can’t come soon enough.  Cameroon’s national government has recognized the threat of electrical fires and is beginning to enforce the AFNOR rules for electrical installations, although other inspection programs have been slow to gain traction.  Electricians who have completed the HI course will improve the safety of their clients, and with their new knowledge they’ll have a fighting chance to win lucrative government contracts around the country.

Take the course!

For our readers living in Cameroon, there is still space for you to sign up! Call 237-77-51-67-72 to register. 

Time/Date:  9:00 am to 12:00 noon | Monday thru Friday | July 2nd thru July 20th (Graduation Ceremony July 21)


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