Campaign Completion: Our Center For Leadership goal was met!

We are happy to announce that our phase one fundraising goal for the Center for Leadership and Vocational Studies in Kumbo, Cameroon has been met. Out of the $6,003 raised, $5,000 will be matched giving us $11,003 to renovate, staff, and equip the new center.

Five years ago today we began our Cameroon project humbly, by listening to members of the Kumbo community. We heard the stories of talented people struggling to develop careers from the resources they had around them, so we introduced vocational training programs in medicine, agriculture, jewelry and construction, all fueled with the value of local materials and staffing.  We heard that information was being restricted and that few could afford it, so we started the Kumbo Public Library, making textbooks freely available to thousands of students and industry experts. We never stopped listening.  Now it’s time to help cultivate new leaders.

The Center for Leadership will do just that. Your support has helped us reach our goal and has enabled us to make the Center for Leadership a reality.  We invite you to follow and subscribe to this blog and hope you will join us in celebrating the inauguration of the new center in June.

Himalayan Institute Humanitarian Team