HI Cameroon Attracts Visitors from Afar

HI Cameroon continues to be an education hub for the whole region with its many offerings, including the renowned School of Carpentry & Construction and the largest library in the region.  As it grows, information about these successful programs has been spreading throughout the country.

Two students from the Government Training Center of Buea, a large costal town approximately 250 miles away (over a 10 hour drive), recently travelled to the center in Kumbo to see for themselves the facilities they have been hearing about.  They were impressed.

Visiting students Nji David Emaka and Alima Espa Nsom.

The visitors were invited to experience each of the community center’s core programs, including the School of Energy Farming, Total Health Center, Kumbo Public Library, and School of Carpentry & Construction.

Examining medicinal herbs being cultivated in the Energy Farming demonstration plot behind the community center.

Head consultant of the Total Health program demonstrates the encapsulator which turns Energy Farming-grown herbs into effective and inexpensive medicine.

“I could not believe my eyes it when I saw these capsules made in the blink of an eye,” exclaimed David at our herbal laboratory.

"The Kumbo Public Library, what a blessing to your community,” commented Alima while touring our large public library.

In the Carpentry and Construction facility, the visitors observed fine furniture being made with equipment they had learned of in school.

They were especially inspired by the solar wood drying kiln.

David and Alima were impressed by the innovation and creativity at HI Cameroon. They left saying, “This center should be affiliated with a technical university in Cameroon.” Certainly, the more people that HI Cameroon can reach, the better!