Planting Seeds in Honesdale


Despite the continued presence of snow on the ground and ice among the tree branches, a few sunny days have allowed the gardening crew to get a head start on the planting season.

Mixing organic potting soil

Head Gardener Tom Woodson shakes vermiculite over seeds just planted in a strip tray.

The first batch of seeds has been planted in anticipation of the lush, warm growing season ahead.

It requires great patience and care to plant seeds that are tinier than a grain of sand!

Even in the warmth of the greenhouse, some seeds require additional heat to germinate. A plastic frame sits over a table fitted with heating pads underneath.

Months from now, we’ll be harvesting a variety of colorful lettuces and onions, enjoying the beauty of lobelias, echinacea and other flowers, and the herb garden will be offering up a bounty of kalmegh, Chinese asparagus and lemongrass. And this is just the start!

The dormant vegetable garden, waiting to grow.

Happy Spring from everyone at the Himalayan Institute!

Tuki, resident peacock who lives in the vegetable garden, soaking up the sunshine.

Like gardening? Want to learn more about organic methods? Join us in May at the Himalayan Institute in Honesdale for the Organic Apprenticeship Program. We will also be hosting a one-month Sustainable Farming Apprenticeship at our community center in Mexico this summer. Check out the website or contact our Humanitarian Projects team at 570-647-1527 to learn more.

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