Second Training Program Complete, HI Mexico Demonstrates Operational Independence


A milestone in Himalayan Institute community center history has been achieved! For the first time, a major training course was organized and taught completely by local staff.

In December 2010, 9 more students graduated from the second round of HI Mexico’s Sustainable Agriculture Training program, which was taught for the first time in June 2010. HI Mexico’s local staff members, Energy Farming Program Leader Arizsandy Calderón Diaz and General Manager Geovanni Beristain, successfully carried out the month-long course, implementing changes based on the experience of the first training.

Students making biofertilizer.

Collecting chicken manure from the coop on the HI Demonstration Farm for use in composting.

“After less than one year of working in Jonotla, our local staff has already demonstrated their ability to conduct all major operations on their own,” said John Daskovsky, HI Mexico’s Country Director. “We’re incredibly proud of this accomplishment and are excited for all of the expansion that is planned for 2011!”

Graduation day!

At the end of the training, Ariszandy reflected, “ The students were very enthusiastic, attentive and participative. In general the students were very thankful to the Institute for the opportunity to learn so that in the future, as agronomists and personally, they will be prepared to have success in organic, sustainable agriculture.”

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