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A Swingin’ Good Time in Kishong, Cameroon

Besides working hard on environmental initiatives, microbusinesses, and health and educational projects, Himalayan Institute Cameroon is also in the business of having fun! The energy farming land in Kishong Village is located at the end of a residential street. The village is filled with young children who can be found helping around their homes, tending [...]

January 10th, 2011|Cameroon|

Second Training Program Complete: Himalayan Institute Mexico Demonstrates Operational Independence

A milestone in Himalayan Institute Community Center history has been achieved! For the first time, a major training course was organized and taught completely by local staff. In December 2010, nine more students graduated from the second round of Himalayan Institute Mexico’s (HIM) Sustainable Agriculture Training program, which was taught for the first time in [...]

January 5th, 2011|Mexico|