HIC Spotlight: Divine Ntani


In the midst of the Himalayan Institute Cameroon’s major humanitarian initiatives, the remarkable stories of those responsible often go unreported. This section of the blog seeks to showcase the diverse range of backgrounds, talents, obstacles, and triumphs represented in our local staff and contacts.

Divine Ntani is one of the key people who make the Himalayan Institute Cameroon run. Since 2006, Divine has been a core staff member, working as training coordinater and program manager, and currently serving as the public relations director and marketing manager. For many community members in Kumbo and the outlying villages, Divine is the smiling face of HI Cameroon, traveling around to bring the center’s services and products to the people who need them.

Divine speaks at the grand opening of the Total Health Center in Jakiri.

Before being introduced to HI Cameroon by another staff member, Eric Wirba, Divine worked for an NGO in the large city of Yaoundé called Education for Work and Life as the Assistant Development Manager. After many years away to attend university and work, Divine returned to his hometown of Kumbo because, he says, “I was inspired by the HI vision of empowering people instead of giving a handout.”

Divine (right) with colleague and friend Eric Wirba (left).

Divine and his wife Fadimatu–and the entire HI family!–are looking forward to welcoming their first baby, due in February 2011. In addition to spending time with his growing family, Divine enjoys playing soccer, listening to music and watching the news. When asked what he enjoys most about working at HI Cameroon, Divine broke into a smile. “I enjoy everything about HIC because I live and breathe HIC. The hands-on experience has made me so flexible, something I couldn’t have learned anywhere else. I’m not stagnant, I can do many things at a time.”

Divine with his wife, Fadimatu.

As he put it, “The HIC has a continuing bright future in changing people’s lives through its programs.” With people like Divine Ntani on the job, HI Cameroon will continue to make a positive impact for the people of Cameroon.

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