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Join us for an Eco-Service Excursion to Cameroon, West Africa, October 31 – November 16, 2010, and discover how to put spirituality into practice.

Take advantage of this rare opportunity to be in the company of Pandit Rajmani Tigunait, Spiritual Head of the Himalayan Institute, and discover how to use this experience as a catalyst for self-transformation.

Highlights of our journey:

  • Planting and processing of medicinal crops in Kishong village
  • Interact and volunteer with local children at the largest public library in the region
  • Exploration of the lush rainforests of Korup National Park
  • A celebration with jujus (masked performers) and meeting the Fon (traditional King)
  • Volunteer opportunities to help with our Total Health Mobile Unit, delivering preventative healthcare to isolated rural communities
  • Inauguration of a public well in Jakiri village to provide a source for clean water
  • A community soccer match sponsored by the Himalayan Institute Community Center where you’ll enjoy local entertainment
  • Relaxing with like-minded spiritual seekers on the black sand beach of Limbe

Space is limited. For more information, click here.

About Cameroon
Often described as Africa-in-miniature, Cameroon boasts each of the Continent’s major climatic zones, as well as over 250 distinct ethnic groups, each with its own language, customs and spiritual practices. Located on the coast of West Africa, the nation has a size and population similar to the state of California. Cameroon enjoys a greater stability and relatively low HIV/AIDS rate than much of sub-Saharan Africa, though poverty and preventable health conditions challenge millions of Cameroonians each day. The Himalayan Institute Community Center in Kumbo addresses these needs and provides sources of sustainable income and healthcare.


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