HI Mexico’s First Month-Long Organic Agriculture Training Course


Class began June 1st for HI Mexico’s first intensive training course on sustainable agriculture techniques. 18 students, ages 18 to 41, are enrolled in the month-long course which will meet for four hours every weekday in June. Each day will begin with two hours of theory and scientific background, which will be taught from a 132 page manual which was written specifically for this class. For the second two hours, students will put these theories to use during practicums on the demonstration farm.

Students sat in a circle, introduced themselves to the class, and discussed their interest in sustainable agriculture.

The purpose of the Intensive Organic Training Program is two-fold: (1) to teach the science and techniques of sustainable, organic agriculture, and (2) to train a new generation of leaders in the field of organic agriculture.

The class was excited to receive the new textbook and course material.

“We’ve been planning this course now for over a year—building the demo farm, writing the manual, translating the manual… Now that the students are here, the real work is beginning. It’s very exciting!” says Energy Farming program consultant Amanda Masters.

After beginning with introductions indoors, the class toured the demonstration farm where they will learn organic techniques firsthand.

The Himalayan Institute Mexico proudly presents its inaugural class.


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