Kumbo Kids Korner

In a community where books are scarce and children are starving for knowledge, HI Cameroon Public Library hosts an afterschool “Kids Korner”. Every Monday and Thursday kids come together to participate in reading lessons, group story telling, written lessons, creative thinking exercises, games and of course… tons of fun.

Yesterday’s class included program leader Ntani Divine and 9-month-old Shanti Foloven, the newest member of the Himalayan Institute Cameroon. Ntani reported that yesterday’s class was more energetic than normal due to the excitement of the upcoming holiday weekend, and not to mention the presence of a DIGITAL CAMERA, which was new to many of the children.

Using tactful disciplinary skills and a great amount of patience, Ntani can usually guide the class through several full stories before breaking up into smaller groups for an hour of activity.

Through your generous donations we have collected many children’s books and games for the Kids Korner. This year we will be bringing a donated DVD player and many educational DVD’s to enhance the libraries programs.  The library is still in need of a projector to display the DVD’s so we are able to impact a greater number of children’s lives. If you are interested in helping please email us at:  info@hicameroon.org