A Community Center for HI Mexico


The month of March has been a momentous time for the Himalayan Institute Mexico. Through the hard work of many hands, the new HIM Community Center has been renovated into a functional building that will serve as an HIM office, herb processing station, classroom, and more.

The small house that is now the Community Center was unlived in for several years, so lots of work was needed to get it into a usable condition. Here you can see the faded paint and even some graffiti on the walls.

Through the unfinished ceiling, water damage was visible.

Workers systematically remodeled and restored the house, from the top down. The first step was to repair the roof—all of the roofing tiles were cleaned and some of the support beams were replaced.

After repairing the roof, the ceiling was finished with a layer of plywood, which was painted along with the rest of the house.

The team moved onto the walls, patching holes and painting. The metal doors and windows also got a fresh coat of paint.

A new tile floor was added to cover the original concrete.

Due to road repairs in Jonotla, the water to the Community Center was turned off for almost a full week. Not wanting to slow down the work, HIM General Manager Geovanni Beristain and local project support Jesús filled up a huge water tank so that the cementing could continue.

Jesús and Luis, leaders of the renovation project, enjoy a laugh after unloading a truck full of cement, flooring tiles, and other building materials.

Homemade racks were installed to organize Energy Farming tools.

HIM Deputy Director John Daskovsky adds some finishing touches—light fixtures and a whiteboard—essentials in a classroom.

The renovated space will be used for Energy Farming classes on sustainable agriculture and …

… as a conference room. The Community Center and its facilities will be made available to the members of the community. The conference room, for instance, could be used by farmer groups and cooperatives.

With the finishing touches in place, the HIM staff looks forward to hosting a Grand Opening for the community of Jonotla, which is planned for the end of April.


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