New Projects and Areas of Expansion in India


Over the last year, the Himalayan Institute’s work in India has been growing rapidly. Yoga+, the institute’s magazine, will be launched in India this spring, to coincide with a 6-city tour and lectures from Pandit Rajmani Tigunait. The humanitarian projects at the Tibetan Settlements in South India are expanding to include three more settlements. In addition, a 15 acre piece of land was acquired at Khajuraho in the forested foothills of the Vindhya Mountains, which will house a large retreat center.

The Lakshmana Temple at Khajuraho.

To accommodate all of this new growth, a new administrative office has been set up in Delhi. Centrally located, this office will oversee the humanitarian projects in South India, the retreat center in Allahabad, and the construction of the new retreat center in Khajuraho. The office will also manage the India branch of the Himalayan Institute Press, which will help to bring the institute’s books and magazine to India.


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