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Energy Farming Techniques

The Himalayan Institute’s Energy Farming program utilizes organic and biovedic land cultivation techniques. By avoiding chemical fertilizers and pesticides, the Energy Farming program is able to grow healthy crops while improving the fertility of the soil. Some of these techniques that are currently in use at the Tibetan Rabgayling Settlement include intercropping, vermicomposting, and micro-rainwater [...]

September 28th, 2009|Energy Farming, Tibetan Settlements|

It’s a Girl! The Himlayan Institute Cameroon Family Expands

Congratulations to Sylvia and Gisleng Folaven on their beautiful baby girl! Shanti Folaven was born at 5:58 on the morning of September 7. She weighed 6 lbs 6oz. Sylvia was up and walking around just a few minutes after the delivery. The baby is also very healthy and happy. Sylvia and Gisleng are staff members [...]

September 21st, 2009|Cameroon|

Internal Growth To Support Community Development

On Monday August 29th, the Himalayan Institute Cameroon held the first of a series of meetings and events that will result in an organizational overhaul of its community center operations. The goal of this reorganization is to make the center more efficient and more effective at delivering its programs to the community. By looking at [...]

September 14th, 2009|Cameroon|

Protecting the Pongamia Plantation

3,500 pongamia seedlings have been planted at the Himalayan Institute Energy Farming demonstration site at the Tibetan Rabgayling Settlement. The seedlings have been doing very well and are now about 3-4 feet tall. Once fully mature, the seeds from these trees will be used to produce biofuel, which will help to bring jobs and sustainability [...]

September 7th, 2009|Energy Farming, India, Tibetan Settlements|

Alleviating Water Scarcity in Jakiri

Himalayan Institute Cameroon (HIC) with support from the Buffalo Arts Studio has been working to address water scarcity in rural Cameroon. November to April is the dry season in northern Cameroon—6 months with hardly any rainfall. During this time, rivers dry up, municipal water sources are rationed, and village people are forced to travel farther [...]

August 31st, 2009|Cameroon|

HIC Spotlight: Eric Wirba

Eric Wirba is the operations coordinator at Himalayan Institute Cameroon. In this role he oversees the day-to-day operations of the center, which include housekeeping, gardening, vehicle maintenance, security, and bookkeeping. Most recently, Eric has begun to work with the Total Health Mobile Unit, a traveling health clinic that serves many small villages in the area. [...]

August 24th, 2009|Cameroon|

HIC Spotlight: Bannyuy Justine

Bannyuy Justine is the General Manager and Financial Controller of the Himalayan Institute Cameroon. Bannyuy has been involved with the HIC since its first visit to Kumbo, at which time he was working as manager of the Nso Area Cooperative, the nextdoor neighbor to the HIC. Upon hearing about the Himalayan Institute’s plans for Kumbo, [...]

August 10th, 2009|Cameroon|

Promoting Literacy

Education is a primary focus of the Himalayan Institute's humanitarian efforts. At the Himalayan Institute Cameroon work is being done to support local schools and promote literacy. In late February, the HIC teamed up with a local NGO, Knowledge For Children, to bring children's books to a rural school. More recently, HIC staff members have [...]

July 20th, 2009|Cameroon, Library and Education|

Raised Bed Gardening To Teach From and Eat From

Many of the stories about the HIC feature public outreach endeavors and service programs, but some efforts have also gone toward making the HIC more self-sufficient internally while at the same time providing education. This spring a portion of the backyard was converted to a raised bed garden for growing organic spices and vegetables for [...]

July 13th, 2009|Cameroon, Energy Farming|

A Well and Irrigation for Kishong

One of the most exciting projects that the Himalayan Institute Cameroon's (HIC) School of Energy Farming is currently working on is the installation of a water system on HIC land in Kishong Village. Most of the roughly 35,000 residents of Kishong have access to municipal water in their homes or from a small number of [...]

July 7th, 2009|Cameroon|