HIC Spotlight: Shey Chemson Senyuy Joseph


In the midst of the Himalayan Institute Cameroon’s major humanitarian initiatives, the remarkable stories of those responsible often go unreported. This section of the blog seeks to showcase the diverse range of backgrounds, talents, obstacles, and triumphs represented in our local staff and contacts.

Shey Chemson speaks at the grand opening of the HIC.

Shey Chemson is the President of the Himalayan Institute Cameroon. Chemson was introduced to the Institute during Pandit Tigunait’s first trip to Cameroon in 2006, and since then, he’s worked hard to bring the Institute’s vision of rural empowerment to his community. He has a background in youth counseling, has worked in the financial sector, and founded his own financial institution. This combination of social awareness and business experience makes Chemson an excellent leader for the HIC—an organization that seeks to empower people through self-sufficiency and a series of micro-enterprise projects.

Chemson at the site of the HIC Energy Farming project in Kishong.

I asked Chemson to tell me about his family. He writes, “I am the second child in a family of two boys. I’m married and a father of five. While visiting Honesdale last fall, I received the good news of the birth of my first grandchild, a boy. It’s a very happy time for my family!”

“I think of the HIC as being a lot like a family. It is a rural development effort in which each program compliments the other—members of a family all working towards the same goal and that goal is ending poverty.”


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