Total Health Mobile Unit Expands Its Reach


In the Northwest Region of Cameroon, most of the roads are still unpaved and in the rainy season these dirt roads turn into slippery mud-rivers. Without a rugged vehicle, travel can be dangerous or simply impossible.

A small car gets stuck in the mud on a typical road in NW Cameroon.

For the Total Health Mobile Unit, being able to reach remote villages is sometimes the most challenging part of the job. The original mobile unit vehicle was a rear wheel drive GM van. The large van is perfect for city events, but had a hard time in the mud. To remedy this problem, HIC Managing Director Jeff Abella and General Manager Bannyuy Justine travelled to Douala to secure a more versatile vehicle.

Jeff and Bannyuy with the new Total Health Mobile Unit truck, a Toyota Hilux.

Thanks to generous contributions provided by several HI project supporters, this four-wheel drive Toyota Hilux will allow the Mobile Unit to reach more villages than ever before. The Hilux has a reputation for being an “Indestructible Car” and can exceed 300,000 miles with regular maintenance. (Wikipedia)   With this new car, the muddy roads of the rainy season will be no obstacle for the mobile unit.

The number of villages that the Mobile Unit is able to reach with the Hilux is more than double the number of villages that were accessible to the van.

In 2009, the Himalayan Institute Cameroon Total Health Centers and Mobile Unit served over 40,000 people. Now that the mobile unit is expanding to more villages, even more people will have access to affordable health care. “The local feedback is motivation enough,” says THC consultant Laisin Wirngo. “When we return to a community and are flooded with positive results, I feel like I have done my job.”


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