A Coalition of NGOs

In Cameroon, government funding is in short supply, so it is up to Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) to bring health, education, and other important services to communities in need. Some of these NGOs are international organizations, bringing staff in from the US, Canada, Holland, Nepal, etc. But most have been started by Cameroonians to address the problems that they see every day.

These NGOs, like so many non-profit organizations around the world, struggle with funding their projects and keeping them sustainable. That is why they are teaming up and forming a coalition to better share information, resources and supplies. With this new coalition the NGOs hope that the efforts of each group will be more effective and the hardships of one will be lessons well learned for all.


The Himalayan Institute Cameroon is proud to be one of the founding members of this coalition. On Saturday, the group held one of its first meetings at the HIC’s center in Kumbo. Over a dozen organizations were represented. Along with the Himalayan Institute Cameroon, these groups included Knowledge for Children, Greencare, Women Empowerment Institute, Star Crusaders Against AIDS, Rural Transformation Centre, and Navti Foundation. As a whole, these organizations are bringing books to rural schools, educating about HIV and AIDS, providing inexpensive computers and internet access, and working to create sustainable jobs for their communities. Their projects and goals harmonize beautifully with the mission of the HIC – to stimulate rural empowerment through education, healthcare, and vocational training.


“What I can do, you cannot. What you can do, I cannot. But together we can do something beautiful for God.” – So said Mother Teresa, one of the great humanitarians of our time, who knew that great change is only possible through collaboration.