More Support from U.S. Reaches Kumbo

HIC Staff Unloading Supplies

HIC Staff Unloading Supplies

A 20 foot container arrived at the Center Friday August 1, 2008 packed with several tons of metal shelving from the old Himalayan Institute library for the Kumbo Public Library project, books, chairs, six desktop computers, herbal medicines and merchandise for the Total Health Center, and more tools for the School of Carpentry and Construction, scheduled to open this fall.

With all hands on deck we were able to unload within two hours what took two weeks to get out of port in Douala. Our own Eric Wirba spent ten days in Douala negotiating with local officials over the cost of customs fees before departing on a grueling, thirty-hour truck drive to Kumbo. By car it’s a mere ten hours, but in Cameroon, the rainy season is in full swing, so moving such a heavy load on muddy mountainous roads takes extra care.

These supplies will prove invaluable to HIC empowerment programs. The Total Health Center products arrived just in time for the Total Health Center’s grand opening on August 4th.

More to come on the grand opening soon…

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