HI Community Center Update



The Energy Farming team visited our land at Kishong village on Monday to further survey and demarcate the first structures of the future campus. They took soil samples for nutrient and chemical testing. Once the plots are properly fenced, about 600 pongamia and 15,000 jatropha trees will be planted, both proven sources for sustainable biofuel. Pongamia, a tree best suited to arid scrublands where food crops won’t grow, is being planted in smaller numbers primarily for research purposes. Jatropha, a hardy shrub which reaches about fifteen feet, has a higher tolerance for water and is the favored candidate for providing a level of energy security to the region’s farmers.

A Well Cooked Meal

On Wednesday a staff appreciation lunch was held at the HI Community Center where they were served a traditional Cameroonian meal of fufu (a corn-based staple) and jamajama (huckleberry greens). The corn used to make the fufu was grown on HI Community Center property from seed stock bestowed by the Paramount Fon of Nso during the renovation of the main building. The meal was held in thanks for a job well done during the Help Africa Move Forward conference earlier this month.

Total Health

The Total Health graduates were given a tour of the HI Community Center rooms where they will soon be working as health consultants. They convened as business partners to discuss issues such as inventory, uniforms, interior design, and operating hours of the first Total Health Center. Profits will be divided equally among those working at the time of the service. This is the next step on the road to independently-owned Total Health Center franchises.

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