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Eric Mangeh Mbacah Takes 32nd Place Overall at the Boston Marathon

Mr. Eric Mangeh Mbacah (age 24) completed the Boston Marathon in 2:25:51 taking 32nd place overall, 30th place for his gender, and 25th place for his division. He averaged 5:34 per mile. Mr. Justilin Foimi (age 23) completed the Boston Marathon in 2:27:58 taking 39th place overall, 36th place for his gender, and 29th place [...]

April 21st, 2008|Cameroon|

Boston Marathon: A Real-Time Update!

Mr. Januarius Bongkiyung (age 35) reached the 10 km mark at 34 min 15 sec. His pace is currently 5 min 30 sec per mile. His predicted finish time is 2 hours 24 minutes 31 seconds. Miss Immaculate Wirngo (age 23) reached the 10 km mark at 40 min 19 sec. Her pace is currently [...]

April 21st, 2008|Cameroon|

Himalayan Institute Hosts Cameroonian Athletes Running In Boston Marathon

Honesdale, PA/ Dyberry Township — Four athletes from Cameroon in West Africa are being hosted by the Himalayan Institute from April 15 to 24. The athletes will run as part of the Elite Group in the Boston Marathon on April 21--the first time athletes from Cameroon will compete in the prestigious Marathon. The athletes from [...]

April 18th, 2008|Cameroon|

Seeking a Runaway Success

They traveled more than 5,700 miles to run just over 26. But for Januarius Bongkiyung, 35, Immaculate Wirngo, 23, Eric Mangeh Mbacah, 24, and Justilin Foimi, 23, crossing the finish line at the 112th Boston Marathon on Monday will be more than just an athletic feat—they will be the first runners from Kumbo, Cameroon, to [...]

April 18th, 2008|Cameroon|

A True Empowerment Story from Sacred Link Jewelry

Exciting things are happening here at SLJ in Kumbo. Behind all the training and production, there rests a powerful desire among the recent Sacred Link Jewelry Graduates to become self-sufficient by creating viable economic opportunities for themselves.

April 10th, 2008|Cameroon, Sacred Link Jewelry|