Shared Medical Appointments

Shared medical appointments (SMAs) bring together 5 to 15 people with common health concerns in an extended 90-minute visit with the doctor. This innovative, interactive model invites patients to share with and learn from each other while receiving the expert advice of their doctor. SMAs have been successfully utilized in multiple medical centers around the country (Cleveland Clinic, Harvard, Kaiser) resulting in high levels of satisfaction for both patients and clinicians.

SMAs at the Total Health Center reflect our holistic approach. Our integrative physician, Dr. Carrie Demers, will focus on providing education and practical advice for symptom management and healing. Sessions also provide time for questions and sharing. Groups have the opportunity to reconvene every two months to celebrate progress and to explore the next steps on the healing path. Patients often form community and a network of support.

Dr. Carrie is an educator and compassionate holistic physician who has been guiding patients toward more healing lifestyles for over 20 years. She is also well-versed in the medical uses of herbs, homeopathy, and natural supplements.

This approach is best for those with established health problems who are seeking lasting solutions. These sessions are not diagnostic and are meant to complement appointments with a Primary Care Provider (PCP).

Cost: 90-minute session – $125, billable to private insurance. A sliding scale is available.
SMAs at the Total Health Center will be offered on Tuesdays from 10:30 am–12:00 pm* with the topic schedule below.


September 30
October 7

October 14
October 21
November 4
November 11
November 18
November 25
December 9
December 16


January 6
January 13
January 27
February 3
February 10
February 17

-Digestive Problems (IBS, hiatal hernia, reflux, constipation)
-Heart Health (including cholesterol, high blood pressure, any heart disease/arrhythmia, and diabetes)
-Insomnia/Sleep Disorders/Anxiety
-Arthritis/Bone Health (Joint pain, back pain, osteoporosis)
-Digestive Problems
-Heart Health
-Arthritis/Bone Health
-Digestive Problems
-Heart Health

-Arthritis/Bone Health
-Digestive Problems
-Heart Health
-Arthritis/Bone Health

*Please stay for lunch at no charge!

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“About 85% of patients who try shared medical appointments don’t go back to individual visits for everything from diabetes care to weight loss, physicals and skin cancer issues.” – Alice Park