Total Health Revolution Challenge: Asheville to Africa

A fundraising challenge to uplift 320,000 people in Cameroon, West Africa.

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Jackie’s appeal for support:

Everyone is hungry for something and everyone has something to give. When we give, not only do we help to feed the world but part of our own world is fed too. This is the law of sacred reciprocity, and it is what makes the world sustainable. Living in our American culture, we tend to use most of the world’s resources. Even by walking more and eating more local, our structure is set up so that it impacts the world. Thank you in advance for contributing to this project and to of life. ALL of life – yours, friends, strangers and the world.

Total Health For Cameroon

In West Africa the average life expectancy is 52 years. What is even more shocking is that 135,000 children will die before the age of five due to diseases which are symptoms of poverty, and are highly preventable. We are committed to helping 320,000 people in remote regions of Bui, Cameroon, towards better health. Our Total Health Program provides health clinics and wide-scale community health education which address these root causes head on.

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