Host RYS-200 or RYS-500 Teacher Certification


Fill Out an Online Application

  1. Assemble digital copies of your 200-Hour and 500-Hour Teacher Training certificates and a copy of your current Yoga Alliance Registration Card. You will be able to attach them to your online application.
  2. Prepare a Teaching CV for attachment.
  3. Complete the following questions before starting the online process. You will be asked to upload a file during the application process. Either download and complete the text document below, or create your own document in Microsoft Word or Notepad (.txt). (The questions below can be copied and pasted into a word or text document.)

    Teaching Survey

    To help us asses the best curriculum and teaching strategy for your location, we need to survey your personal practice and teaching background in various subjects.

    For each subject listed describe your Personal Practice Experience and Teaching Background:

    1. Asana
    2. Breath Training
    3. Systematic Relaxation
    4. Pranayama
    5. Subtle Body Anatomy (eg. Koshas, Nadis, Chakras) and Subtle Body Access (eg. Bandhas, Mudras, Agni Sara)
    6. Meditation
    7. Contemplation and Self Study
    8. Ayurvedic Lifestyle and Routine
    9. Yoga Scriptures (Yoga Sutra and Bhagavad Gita)


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